What is the Khanum look in style and in fashion bags?


Whistling notes of neighborhood chirping, drifting through vibrant crowds, people winding up from their jobs early to be with their families now, love and happiness spreads like marigolds in every house, smell of henna imprinting in itself on our mom’s favorite silks. Sweets , flowers, gold, shopping, dance nothing can be more vibrant than this in our INDIAN festival and weddings. As the year steps into days filled with family reunions & the ” all new feeling ” , we bring to you ,KHANÙM.

And the best of all are the Khahum bags ( tsantes ).

Istri Story is a collection for new age women who wants something quirky, trendy, light and “hatke” this festive season. In this post we have two of their amazing outfits, exclusively crafted habotai silk prints very suitable for night card parties or dance your afternoon away sangeets – here is something for everyone to love. Inspired by the elegance of our shining 60’s , this is something to make you feel beautiful.

It’s a post about these two amazing outfits which are for the modern women, for Khanums, Khanum is an Urdu word for “lady, princess, wife”, for women who feel beautiful from the inside.
A woman who wants to change the typical way of dressing up in a shadi function, someone who believes in a contemporary and light way of looking sexy for an occasion.

I think a lot of girls, including me feel that wearing heavy outfits in occasions like Shadi will make us look a part of the circus, but that’s not true, NOT at all. An outfit doesn’t need to be heavy, with a lot of details, shiny or glittery, to make you feel fit for the ocassion. How about wearing a piece that is convenient for you to breathe in and totally makes you look and feel like magic?

Outfits I am wearing in this post made me feel how you can totally chill and not freak out about having to wear a heavy outfit, to over accessorize or to get uncomfortable in the mandatory outfits to be worn in a shadi or occasions like a card party, sangeet, mehendi and you know…

If you are a Khanum, you definitely must check this out, featuring Istri Story.




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