The Top Septic Products Compared


The Top Septic Products Compared

We understand that dealing with septic system problems can be confusing and overwhelming. Every person you talk to seems to provide you with a different set of opinions, and all of them seem to have some valid points, and some cause for concern.

On one hand, replacing your septic tank or your drain field ( ydravlikos ) may solve your problems, but for many households the expense of 7-15 thousand dollars is far too great to bear. Or you can keep paying for expensive pump-outs every few months, in hopes of avoiding the cost of replacing the system. And finally, you can choose to restore the septic system with septic treatments.

Only one thing is for sure, you have to do something. Ignoring your septic system or cesspool problem is not going to make it go away; it will only compound the cost to restore your system.

Our goal here is to provide you with consumer information about all of the options available to you. We provide real life reviews of the leading septic products, which allows you to take a closer look at the septic treatments that best suit your needs. In our ‘Articles’ section of the website you can read about everything from the cost of septic system replacement to DIY tips to restore your system on your own. If you are looking for straight forward information without a “sales spin”, then our articles section is for you.

We have compiled a chart of the most popular brands of Septic Treatments. Between this list of septic additives that you either flush or pour into your toilets or drains, you will be able to identify which septic treatment is best for you. By comparing septic products side by side you can more easily identify which treatment is best for your septic system problem.

If you have tried a septic product that you would like to review, you may contact us with your review of the septic treatment, as long as it is honest and unbiased.

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