Solo Sex Done In Self Love Is A Bridge


Solo Sex Done In Self Love Is A Bridge

Solo Sex Masturbation is A Bridge…

…where we can distinguish true unconditional love for ourselves from the illusion of “lusts” that society can consume our minds with. Throughout the past century our culture has experienced a major boost in consumerism and with that advertising.

All the sexualized images of women and young girls (Athens escort or Athens escorts), young children are being targeted at younger and younger ages by media ideals and corporate greed.

Porn has become mainstream when you can no longer tell the difference between a scantily dressed girl in a teen magazine and a women in a pornography magazine or when clothing businesses sell  their clothes on half-naked teen models.

Kids, teens and adults are forced into this world of hyper-sexualized images and ideas but it the midst of the fog of smut we can bridge this gap through solo sex and go back to basics-reclaim our sexuality and take back our own thoughts which form our sexual power & gain self-confidence in the process.

Solo sex is an opportunity to love

Masturbation or solo sex gives people the opportunity to explore their body while at the same time giving them a high degree of sexual freedom and helps boost over all health & self confidence.

It allows them the opportunity to experience sexual pleasure without relying on a partner to release sexual tension when they feel the need to.  It gives one the opportunity to appreciate all the intimate intricacies of their body and be grateful for the wonderful vessel they have.

Self-love solo sex can be a very empowering healing tool– it aids them in learning about their bodies, and how it responds to sexual stimulation or heal from past sexual traumas.  It helps in boosting self-confidence by teaching them how to pleasure THEMSELVES FIRST before any other person comes into their life.

Why Solo Sex is Important

Masturbation or Solo sex is the first and most important sexual skill a person should learn, as it holds the key to enjoying other forms of sexual activity later on in their life.

Ideally, this skill is commenced early in life (preferably prior to the age of five), but far too often it is not learned ) in women) until she is in her late teens or early twenties. This stems from the incorrect notion that children are entirely (or ought to be) devoid of sexuality and that they must be protected from its ‘evils’.

Children, especially infants, are incredibly curious individuals who will undoubtedly discover genital touching, masturbation or solo sex on their own because it feels good to them and is a powerful way of self-comforting.

A parent, if they discover their child masturbating, should not chastise them or condemn them for it (this can cause life-long trauma & repression for some children), but rather, tell them about appropriate private and public behavior. And make sure to discuss with them about appreciating their bodies & minds when they choose to masturbate.

Not all people have negative views of masturbation, nor indeed do all people feel the need to masturbate. The point is that more and more people are increasingly developing more positive attitude towards solo sex done in a spirit of self-love and the healing pleasure it can bring them. Talk about self-loving masturbation solo sex and Keep the talk ALIVE!


Solo Sex Is A Chance To Get Closer With The Oneness

If you are a person of faith who enjoys a stress relieving, toe-curling, spin-tingling, heart pounding orgasm- a wonderful practice I just discovered a few weeks ago was praising the One Creator for my body, heart, mind & soul all while masturbating, solo sex or while having intercourse with your spouse.

My Solo Sex Story

About a year ago I had a horrible illness that I had been struggling with for 3 years. During my entire illness I had a VERY LOW sex drive (which before that I had a high sex drive since I was 7 years old but always felt guilty to masturbate).

I had lost myself & who I was, I had lost all self-confidence and my husband was beginning to lose confidence in me due to the lack of sex we had and I hated myself for it. I used to have a very very bad problem of self-loathing, nearly to the point of abuse. I hated myself and didn’t appreciate my body or the gift of life I had been given.

After much affirmative prayer & healing & love from my husband, I re-found the Creator and made It the center of my life once again. I Thank the Creator for my patient and loving husband who stuck with me through it all and helped me find love in my life again.

And praise be to the Creator for healing me body, mind & spirit and showing me how to bridge the gap between my human sexual nature and my spiritual nature by praising It during solo sex, masturbation and sex with my husband (some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had when I practice this.)

How To Have Self-Loving Solo Sex

Find a quiet, place where you can be comfortable and relaxed & give it a try. Go through each body part in your mind as you pleasure yourself and feel a sense of gratitude and love for each part. You may even like to thank the Creator or your body for caring for you.

Take the time to pay extra close attention to any body parts that hurt and imagine healing love as a light around these parts. Stimulate yourself until you reach your Point of No Return, feel the bliss of the pleasure and allow yourself to orgasm and watch Athens escort or Athens escorts bring healing to you sexually, physically, mentally & spiritually through personal self-loving solo sex.

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