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WCVFC offers some of the best handy services in the country. Our main aim is to provide quality services at affordable prices. The dedication and determination in our work and helped us to position ourselves as a reliable name in the industry and gain the trust of our customers.


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Trained professtionals

All the people that we hire are trained and certified professionals who are capable of rendering the finest quality of work.

Affordabale Prices

The prices for the services that we offer are very reasonable, and we are sure that it is something that cannot be matched by anyone one the industry.

24 * 7 emergency support

We have a properly functioning emergency support team which will clarify all the doubts that you have. Do not hesitate to reach out to them at any time. SEO by paramarketing

Popular Residential Handyman Services

WCVFC is a very popular and reliable name when it comes to handyman residential services. The popularity is purely because of the quality of the services that are being offered and the dedication that we have in our work.

Wall/ceiling plastering and repair

Want to carry out any wall or ceiling repairs? Just reach out to us, and we will send you the best team that does the work without any flaws.

Grouting and caulking

We have trained professionals who can be deployed to take care of all the grouting and caulking works.

commercial services

Popular Commercial Handyman Services

The commercial services that we offer are one of the best, and it is absolutely flawless in many aspects. The perfection and the quality that we offer is something that cannot be matched by anyone in the business.

How to hire us?

You can hire us through the site, or you can contact us and hire the services that you need.

We are here to help!

Whatever might the problem in your house we can assure you that the finest quality of services will be provided by the best professionals.

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Client Trusted

It takes a lot to gain the trust of the clients, and we have managed to earn it through our handwork and dedication.


The work in the local areas will be attended within 24 hours after placing the orders.


The professionals at WCVFC are trained, certified and experienced. They are capable of rendering good quality of work.


Aging in Place Home Modifications  

Aging in Place Home Modifications  

Studies have shown that many seniors plan on staying in their own homes for at least 5 years after the age of 65. Aging in place is an option many seniors are finding to be cheaper and more comfortable than the assisted living option. The average cost of living in assisted care is over $50,000 a year. House Doctors has been assisting seniors’ keep their independence and stay in their own homes for over 20 years. Check out our most popular modifications for making your home aging-in-place ready.

Install Grab Bars

Aging in Place Home Modifications  

We recommend installing grab bars in high-risk fall areas such as bathrooms, hallways, and bedrooms to decrease the chance of someone with mobility issues slipping and falling causing injuries. Installing grab bars near the toilet and shower is a good idea because these areas often can become slippery surfaces.

Installing Outdoor Ramps

Aging in Place Home Modifications  

You may not have someone in your home with a wheelchair but exit and entry ramps are not just for wheelchair access. Eliminating the struggle of getting up and down the stairs is a substantial modification that can allow maintaining one’s balance easier to manage.

Replacing Faucets

Aging in Place Home Modifications  

With the advances in technology, touchless faucets in your kitchen and bathroom are excellent for people whole struggle with arthritis or gripping issues. If you do not wish to go the touchless route, you can always replace twist faucet handles with levers to make it easier to manage. Another popular upgrade is to install anti-scald faucets to prevent sudden bursts of hot water.

The Right Flooring

Aging in Place Home Modifications  

The wrong flooring can be the cause of many trips and falls as you become older. We recommend that if there is carpet in the home that it is securely attached and at a maximum of half an inch thick. Flooring that is ADA compliant and or anti-slip means the flooring material has gone through a friction test. If you have a bathroom that is in good shape and doesn’t need a full remodel, you can also buy anti-slip coating and have this rolled onto existing floors with a paint roller. The anti-slip coating can last anywhere from 3-5 years and one gallon can cover about 400 square feet.

If you are considering staying in your own home as you age, there are changes we can make do to make your home safer. At House Doctors, our experienced technicians have the skills needed to make your home as safe and comfortable as possible. Give us a call today at 888-HOUSE-DOC

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10 Simple Steps to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

10 Simple Steps to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

projects are a never-ending chore list, especially as trends change over time.
If you have a smaller kitchen but wish it felt larger, don’t pick up your
sledgehammer just yet.  Maximize the
space you have by thinking outside the box. Stretch your kitchen without
knocking down walls; check out your recommendations and tips for making your
small kitchen look and feel more spacious.

  • White
    Paint Makes All The Difference.
    White paint reflects light and can make
    your kitchen space look open and airy. The use of lighter tones creates the
    illusion of endless space. If you live in a smaller apartment or just have a
    small kitchen, adding white to your kitchen is an easy option to make your
    kitchen appear larger.
  • Light Up
    The Room.
    Dark lighting makes the room feel gloomy and small. Installing
    light fixtures above or below cabinets will make the room appear brighter and
    larger. You may also consider removing any curtains or completely replace them
    with sheer curtains to allow natural light in.
  • Eliminate
    The Clutter.
    Excess kitchen supplies and appliances will only make your
    space feel smaller and also take up valuable counter space. If your appliances
    are old and bulky, consider replacing them with smaller energy-efficient
    models. Go through all your cabinets and remove old food containers and extra
    utensils, basically get rid of anything without a needed purpose. You can also
    minimize the visual clutter by parting ways with decorative sign pieces and
  • Open
    Shelving ~ Convenient and Stylish.
    Consider open shelving for an airy and
    charming look. The open shelving trend has been around for years and while it
    is certainly not for everyone it is a great option if you enjoy fresh and
    modern vibes. The idea of open shelving can be intimidating, having all of your
    dishes on display. Here’s a tip: if you wouldn’t want it on display, ask
    yourself if you really need it all!

much of a do-it-yourself person? Find a local handyman near you to help with
your home improvement needs. Give House Doctors a call at 888-HOUSEDOC to be
connected to one of our friendly home improvement professionals.

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Lube Alternatives You Can Discover In Your House

Using an elegance item down to the last decline and also having an “empty,” can be a moment of pride and also a sign of a top quality product. Yet if you grab your favourite container of lube in the middle of sex with an escort and it’s empty, that’s just inconvenient. The good news exists are a couple of home items that, when chosen wisely, can function as lubricant.

Finding a lube that works for you and also your call girl is really personal. Some lubes function much better for a specific type of sex (such as anal), and others have ingredients that are customized for individuals with a specific skin type. Though there are tons of choices out there, they all do efficiently the exact same point, which is make sex slipperier. You have to be careful any time you placed something in or around your vagina. However, because there’s an opportunity that the foreign substance might modify your vaginal area’s pH and create an infection, such as a yeast infection or microbial vaginosis.

Some ingredients, like oil, can wear down a latex condom, she adds. So it’s a good concept to interact with your partner concerning both of your STI statuses and also birth control methods, so you can make informed choices regarding what kind of computed danger you want to take, Stubbs states. “Know that there’s an opportunity for the condom to damage [if you make use of an oil-based lube], and weigh out the advantages and disadvantages if that circumstance were to occur,” she says.

Additionally, before you use any kind of sort of lube for the first time, Stubbs recommends scrubbing some on your skin and also seeing if it creates any type of kind of reaction. If you have any kind of agitations whatsoever, you ought to ask your physician if it would certainly be all right for you to use something as lube. Right here are a few non-lube foods and also home things that you can try making use of as a personal lube.

1. Aloe Vera

You know that container of aloe vera gel you’ve been stowing by your bedside to have a tendency to your sunburns? It has many various other uses besides tending to your charred skin. Thanks to its anti-bacterial homes, this wonder skin saver can recover various other skin-related injuries as well as also reduce the symptoms of burns, psoriasis, as well as other skin conditions, according to Dr. Mike Roussel for Shape Publication.

However what you didn’t know is that aloe additionally makes a terrific lube, according to pharmacologist Joe Graedon of Individual’s Pharmacy. Aloe is currently recognized to be exceptionally mild and also neutral on all skin kinds, so it’s risk-free to make use of around your vagina. See to it your aloe gel is 100 percent pure aloe vera, and also contains no sugars or synthetic active ingredients.

Graedon recommends scrubbing right stuff on the inside of your elbow first to guarantee that you are not allergic to the latex in it (unless you already know you have a latex allergy, in which instance you may want to stay away from aloe altogether). Plus, the unsafe things is completely risk-free to make use of on prophylactics considering that it includes no oils or residential or commercial properties that can break down latex.


2. Egg Whites

The idea of sticking egg whites right into my vagina terrified me in the beginning. First off, I’m a vegan, so sticking any kind of sort of animal item in my body is less than preferred. After that my hypochondriac side chipped in, singing tales of salmonella as well as succeeding death. If the former bothers you, I can’t really do much to comfort you. It’s your body, and also if this seems gross as well as unethical to you, don’t do it. As for the last, nonetheless, you will probably not obtain salmonella if you’re acquiring a pasteurized egg white mix, according to foodsafety.gov. Still, the clinical neighbourhood is really hesitant to advise it. “Salmonella, need I claim extra?” states Levine. According to obstetrical nurse Maureen Stephens, nevertheless, using egg whites to the vagina (particularly for fertility functions) “is risk-free as well as features no adverse effects.”

Additionally, numerous women in holistic circles rely on the stuff. They use it not only for lube but additionally for conceiving. It benefits making certain that the sperm is going where it requires to go. It can be a mess to use, so selecting a dropper of some type or merely welcoming the messiness will be your best options. Egg whites are best offered at room-temperature in a dish or vessel of your selection.

3. All-natural Oils

Some veggie as well as mineral oils like avocado, coconut, as well as olive oil can be made use of as personal lubricating substance. They can be great for clitoral stimulation as well as vulvar massage therapy, or some high quality alone time. But keep them away from your condoms (it could make them break). All-natural oils are great, not only because massaging oil over your body really feels so damn great, they also lasts way longer than water-based lubes. “If it’s organic, then it’s good,” Levine says, “So as latex is not a factor.”

Coconut oil

Coconut oil specifically intrigues me. As we all understand, it’s a wonder product that can be used for a wide variety of objectives. Including dietary and beauty ones. However coconut oil likewise makes a great lube. See to it it’s virgin and unrefined without any sugar-coated. It can take a bit to thaw in the beginning, yet it will get slippery as points warm up.

When I asked for Levine’s personal opinion on natural lubes, she recommends natural ones like Yes water-based lube. Primarily, anything that is organic or natural is better. If you’re having a great deal of solo or partnered sex, something even more pure/healthy is a far better choice. When all else stops working, great old saliva will certainly work. As long as “you as well as your companion are not in danger for STDs.

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Top do’s and do n’ts of waste disposal unit plumbing

What do you do when you discover an old, smelly container of leftover soup in the rear of the fridge? If you have a garbage disposal, it is easy to dump damp, smelly food into the sink as well as eliminate it fast. Without a garbage disposal, you’ll need to stress the food or run the risk of a clogged drainpipe. It is easy to obtain utilized to the comfort of a garbage disposal. If it has been a while considering that you had a waste disposal unit, are setting up a brand-new one, need an upkeep tutorial, or merely need to know just how to cleanse a waste disposal unit, we’ll offer you our top do’s and do n’ts of waste disposal unit (antlisi udaton) plumbing. Appropriately looking after your garbage disposal can stop troubles like smells or the garbage disposal not draining.

Continue reading for some do’s as well as do n’ts so your waste disposal unit maintains running issue complimentary.


  1. Prevent accumulations by running chilly water with your disposal regularly.
  2. Run your disposal on a regular basis to aid keep it running at peak effectiveness.
  3. Keep your disposal blades great as well as sharp by feeding it some frozen vinegar ice cubes every now and then. It’s a great method to give it a good cleansing, sharpen the blades and care for weird food scents.
  4. Try placing food items down in little items, one at a time, rather than shoving them all down simultaneously.
  5. Allow the water compete as much as 15 seconds after it has completed grinding to make sure that it flushes the food down the drain.
  6. Add a quarter mug of baking soda to the disposal as well as allow it rest overnight as soon as a week. The next morning, pour vinegar right into the disposal to create a chain reaction that will effectively clean up the within your device.
  7. Use 3 to 4 tbsps of Borax for smelly garbage disposals. Dropping in lemon or orange slices as the water runs will additionally cleanse and deodorise the pipes.
  8. Examine the disposal for fallen things like spoons, container caps, fashion jewellery and also various other small points prior to running the disposal. For safety purposes, constantly make use of tongs as opposed to hands to get items that might have fallen into the waste disposal unit.


  1. Overload your disposal as it may create clogs.
  2. Place in anything that in your disposal that isn’t food, like glass, plastic, steel, paper, cigarette butts, timber, sponges or anything that might be combustible.
  3. Include large bones, coffee grounds or harsh chemicals. A number of these chemicals damage the blades as well as can also eat away at the pipelines.
  4. Pour any kind of oil, fats, or oil in your disposal. It might build up around the blade system and obstruct your drains.
  5. Include foods with fibrous products, starchy consistencies, or expanding capacities like celery, corn-husks, artichokes, onion skins, rice as well as pasta, or potato peels.
  6. Use warm water to purge the disposal. It can trigger the grease to liquefy and also clog the drain.
  7. Reach into the waste disposal unit. Never ever, ever put your hands into the disposal system. Rather, you can securely use needle-nose pliers, tongs or even a bent layer wall mount to tear out whatever dropped in.
  8. Call a plumbing technician without resetting initially if the unit isn’t functioning. If that does not function, check to see to it it’s still plugged in as well as obtaining power. If the power is still streaming in, you can after that attempt hand cranking it.
  9. Place eggshells in the garbage disposal since the thin membrane layer on the within the shell can wrap itself around the blade of the disposal as well as begin blocking your drainpipe.
  10. Throw in fruit pits from avocados, peaches, mangoes, apricots, plums or other comparable fruits.

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Why Fire Doors have rules?

.A fire can start in any type of room in a house or office facility. The introduction of fire doors (portes pyrasfaleias) as well as also fire escape security as well as protection laws is to mainly have the capacity to consist of the fire, as well as also the smoke from that fire, in the room where it began for as lengthy as possible.

In lots of domestic circumstances 30 minutes is concerned enough time to remove a space and also consist of the fire while all the frameworks passengers leave the household or business home. Fire door standards, along with countless different other guidelines which review fire in the residence are covered by Accepted Record B of the Building Laws.

Details regarding Fire Doors and Fire Door Closers

Exactly exactly how Fire doors task as well as where door closures as well as fireproof locks along with hinges are necessary for fire as well as building legislations: Find out simply exactly how to comply with the fire door policies suitable for the type of home and likewise guarantee that you fit the most effective type of fire immune or fire check as well as fire standing up to doors, fire door collections in addition to closers.

What is the Requirement?

A Fire embedded in a third tale house studio
Fire door, frame, rotates, door closer and likewise lock

A great deal of individuals get hung up on the term “Fire Door” believing it to be ALRIGHT simply to stick a fire door in an existing opening and also take advantage of the initial joints as well as additionally lock etc from the first door.

When the legislations go over fire doors, they are actually discussing fire collections. A fire set consists of the door, the framework and likewise or door cellular linings, the architrave, the joints, the door quits, the ceiling bordering the door in a hallway along with the lock along with lock collection.

It would definitely be pointless to have a door which would hold fire back for thirty minutes if the lock or joints defrosted in 5 minutes and also smoke was rippling with areas in the framework after 10. All materials in addition to products taken advantage of in the instalment of fire doors in addition to fire collections require to be Cert-fire licensed as well as additionally where suitable, CE kept in mind.

Definition of Fire Door

The interpretation of a fire door is a door establishing, or door collection, which has actually been made to maintain back fire in addition to smoke for a marked duration. It is fairly simply a door, framework, lock as well as likewise pivots designed to quit the spread of fire as well as smoke, offering you a possibility to go out.

Fire Door Hinges

All fire standing up to doors must be a close fit to the structure with a maximum space of 5mm. They must be hung on steel joints with a melting factor of not much less than 800 degrees Centigrade.

Fire Door Locks as well as Latches

Ironmongery on a door, or door furnishings as it is understood, which is required to withstand the warm from a fire, is called needed ironmongery. Door manages, door locks as well as also locks pre-owned ablaze doors which have a safeguarding device which is necessary to the lock itself need to be CE considerable. Mortice or tubular locks need to comply with BS EN 12209.

Letterboxes can be utilized with fire doors. However the letter plate or letter box must be CE marked along with. You should look at the suppliers standards that the door are utilizing. Is accredited with having a letter box or letter plate installed.

Hanging a Fire Door

Fire doors are waited for similarly as various other doors but therapy should be taken as fire doors are solid wood as well as likewise exceptionally substantial. They in addition require 3 joints per door. To learn simply exactly how to hang a door see our hanging a door project right here.

It is essential to remember that a fire door need to be maintained shut. Yes, door closers are an issue yet the building policies exist to maintain us safeguard. Also a little inconvenience is absolutely really little contrasted to placing life at risk. Please be careful when fitting fire doors.

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Bohemian Style: The Ultimate Guide as well as History

Bohemian style is more than simply a fashion trend(gynaikeia rouxa) it’s an actual culture in its very own right, one that comes with an extremely certain belief and challenging history. While it’s closely connected with the hippie styles of the 60s and also 70s. Nowadays, bohemian style belongs to the traditional culture. But truth is, boho fashion really started out as a counterculture back in the 19th century. Today, the wide variety of boho clothes as well as devices make the style an actual phenomenon. One that follows the lines of effortless, relaxed style, with its loose-fitted clothes things, informal devices.

The styles labelled as bohemian stand for the lifestyle ideology that features it. An alternative to the traditional method of dressing, paired with a just as different, more liberated way of life.


2. Background of Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is specified as an alternate type of style, different from the mainstream trends of any kind of provided duration in time. As a matter of fact, this specific interpretation relates to the whole background of the trend. Over 200 years back, bohemian was a term referred to an exotic style sense, generally related to the musicians of the time, as well as with writers as well as specific eccentric intellectuals.

The Early 20th Century Hippie Icons

In the early 20th century, designers started taking the bohemian fashion to the next level. Among them was Paul Poiret, who integrated a selection of ethnic information into his designs, including Russian and also Middle Eastern aspects. Likewise, fabric developer William Morris developed a selection of patterns for both interior decoration and fashion, including rich floral prints, paisley and also swirls, all complex and very decorative.

The Hippie Period

The Bohemian Movement took a new significance in the 1960s, one that will transform the interpretation of style. Back when the Hippie Motion stood against standard way of lives, new clothing designs consisting of ethnic outfits, needleworks, combined prints, volume, fringe as well as flared silhouettes started getting prominent. The hippies denied every little thing from mainstream values to materialism. Also from established establishments to social constructs. Appeared in their fashion selections that went against the structured, sleek as well as sophisticated shapes of the previous decade.


Trademark elements of Boho-chic

Boho style is everything about the natural fabrics from delicate cotton, linen as well as chiffon to the a lot more long lasting leather, suede, sheepskin and hair. Large garments prevails, with tunic design blouses and also kaftan gowns that can be easily layered with tighter garments, or adjusted as well as cinched to suit your structure with belts or scarves.

Long floaty maxi skirts, large balloon sleeves and saggy cardigans develop the classic ‘peasant’ appearance. Colour schemes vary from autumnal tones like deep browns and also tans to charcoal, to cooler neutrals like milky whites and soft lotion to beige as well as beige.

People frequently pair avant garde colourful patterns with neutral pastels to stabilize a clothing. Enhance your look with shoelace, crochet, embellishments and also beads. Integrate animal print, African prints as well as florals.
On your feet Cowboy boots or thick-heeled ankle boots, or Roman shoes or ballet flats. Full your appearance with long split necklaces or one statement pretty pendant, and choose dangly jewellery. Rocks, coverings, leather, metals, plumes and also fringe are common in boho jewellery.

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Top 5 Marble Patterned Phone Cases

Top 5 Marble Patterned Phone Cases

We’re not also sure when marble entered our lives, but when it did, we understood we loved it! There’s a specific splendour to marble. It’s apparently textured look and how it mixes colours the way various other patterns most likely could not make it unique.

Marble makes you stand you out from the group, raising you into the edgy design queen you’ve constantly wanted to be. Discover the phone case (thikes kiniton) to complete your appearance.

1. Link Dying Over Your Purple Marble iPhone Case

Some say tie dye belongs in the 60s, yet how can you not love it? You can’t not like the 60s and also everything that included it. From the famous style as well as music to the crazy and also cute hairstyles, the 60s has actually made a rebirth.

Our purple tie-dye marble aesthetic is rather exciting. Its soft swirl layout will certainly make you wish to display your iPhone to everybody. Any individual can own an apple iPhone, however just you can make it really distinct.

2. Blue Marble Holo Phone Case

Take your style to the seas with this mermaid-squee apple iPhone case. Okay, well perhaps don’t quite take your cell in the sea. On land, this case supplies maximum premium security. TPU sides reduce impact ought to a decline take place during your enjoyable in the sunlight.

A holographic rainbow streams through a marine blue. It’s not that you’ll be trying to make your girl buddies jealous, however it’s most likely to occur with this mystic decoration.

3. Holographic Metallic Stained Glass Marble Phone Case

What do you get if you combine metal with marble and also discoloured glass? This gorgeous phone case! This pattern, comprised of shades of blue and purple, will obtain you discovered anywhere.

While the great tones will certainly accompany you on winter days, the instance additionally produces uplifting contemporary pastel shades. With metal silver going through, this discoloured glass design will add a glimmer to your handheld accessory.

4. Rainbow Marble Swirl apple iPhone Case

This is for the colourful women available. Do you pride on your own in being bold, sparkling and also bright? Our rainbow marble swirl could simply be for you if so. This alluring surge of colours will certainly illuminate you, also on the days you can not rather manage it yourself.

We know you’re a woman who such as to have fun, so with its thick skin security and also one entire year’s warranty, you can still be the fun-loving celebration go-er we understand you are.

5. Lovely White as well as Pink Marble Phone Case

As eclectic as our series of marble phone case shades is, occasionally you just can not defeat the refined nature of neutral. If you’re going with the non-natural look, this white with refined pearly pink, will certainly stabilize power, while matching any outfit you’re putting on. This case is also appropriate for both apple iPhone and also Samsung.

For the days when you’re feeling purifying (as well as failing to remember those sins), this design sings simplistic in one of the most wonderfully understated method you might visualize.

Marble makes you stand you out from the group, boosting you right into the edgy design queen you’ve constantly wanted to be. Our purple tie-dye marble visual is rather exciting. What do you obtain if you incorporate metal with marble as well as discoloured glass? If so, after that our rainbow marble swirl could simply be for you. As eclectic as our array of marble shades is, often you just can’t defeat the subtle nature of neutral.

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Eggcellent Ideas for Kids this Easter!

Eggcellent Ideas for Kids this Easter!

Yes, the annual Easter egg hunt is the main event, but you will want to make sure you have plenty of other activities to keep the kids busy after all of the eggs are found. Easter is a great time for backyard games but don’t worry, all of these games can be played inside in case of rain.

Egg Stacking Competition

Eggcellent Ideas for Kids this Easter!

No, we aren’t talking about real eggs, thank goodness! After the egg hunt is over, don’t throw away those plastic eggs! You can use them for a competitive stacking competition that the whole family can participate in!

Bunny Hop!

Let the kids pretend they are the Easter bunny by having a potato sack race! You can have the kids wear bunny ears to make it more exciting!

Egg and Spoon Race

Eggcellent Ideas for Kids this Easter!

This classic idea is sure to have the kids burning off some much needed energy! Place wooden eggs in spoons and then see who can make it to the finish line first!

Jelly Bean Contest

For this activity give each kid a spoon and tell them to hold it in their mouth and transfer jelly beans from a large bowl containing jelly beans to a small cup. The first child to fill their cup wins!

Pin the Tail on the Bunny!

Eggcellent Ideas for Kids this Easter!

This classic game is sure to egg-cite the kids in your family! Place a bunny poster on a wall and let each child have a turn placing a tail on the bunny while blindfolded! The child who is closest to the where the actual tail is on the bunny wins and gets a prize!

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Celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day

Moms devote their lives to making our lives betters, they do so much for their families on a daily basis. It’s easy to take  all the things mom does for granted, but Mother’s Day is a perfect reminder to show Mom how much you appreciate all she does.  Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, especially on a budget. Check out our list of  awesome ideas  to make mom feel special without breaking the bank this Mother’s Day.

Let mom sleep in! Mom’s are usually the first person awake and the last one to bed. Let mom sleep in and get the rest she deserves!

Give mom a spa day at home. You can set the scene by running her a warm bath and laying out a fluffy robe with candles and her favorite book! The most important thing to remember here is to let mom relax, no interruptions!

Make homemade chores coupons that are filled with various chores mom can redeem when she simply needs a break and time to relax.

Do something together! Go for a hike, bike on a trail or go on a boat ride to spend time together. New adventures can be a fun way to be active and spend time together.

Give mom the night off. Encourage mom to get together with friends for a night out and away from her regular responsibilities.

Have a family game night. Sometimes all moms really want is to just spend time with their family without all of the technology distractions. Put all of the technology away and have fun!

 Give mom the gift of home improvement. Remodel an outdoor room, plant flowers, organize her garage, and spruce up her curb appeal. Need help? Call House doctors!  888-HOUS-DOC Making mom’s life easier is sure to bring a smile to her face and make her happy!

The post Celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day appeared first on House Doctors Handyman Service.

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The Fall Checklist You Might Have Forgotten

The Fall Checklist You Might Have Forgotten

November is often the time of year when the weather begins to cool down and the days become shorter and busier. Be sure to get your fall maintenance items completed before the holidays begin with our fall home checklist with items you may have forgotten about.

Check the Attic

Regardless of where you live, the most important area in your home to keep insulated is your attic. The attic to your home is a buffer zone that keeps the heat where you want it and control your energy costs. If attics are not really your thing or you simply don’t have the time, give House Doctors a call to schedule a free quote.

Raking the Leaves

Did you know that autumn leaves could smother your grass and lead to insect and disease problems? Instead of raking them away, shred them using your lawnmower, then rake them up to use as mulch on your flower or vegetable garden.

Refill the Bird Feeders

The majority of birds will head south for the winter but that doesn’t mean that you should stop feeding the birds that do stick around. Consider buying a bird feeder if you don’t already have one. According to the Audubon Society, more than 100 bird species supplement their diets with food often found in local feeders. When food becomes scarce, birds look for this human assistance to stay warm and fed. The feeders can also be used for birds traveling south that stop for a bite to eat along the way.

Clean the Garage

Organizing your garage is especially important to do before the cooler temperatures hit so you can get your car out of the cold. Take a day and organize your garage by clearing away the clutter and keeping track of the items you have and more importantly the items you will need. Be sure to place items you won’t be needing until warmer weather away and keep your frequently needed items close during the seasonal time (i.e. holiday decorations).

Cap the Chimney

Chimney season is quickly approaching and you want to be sure yours is working when you need it. Plan on installing chimney caps if you do not already have them to keep the wildlife out of your home. The last thing you need is an unexpected visitor and no we do not mean Santa Claus! If you store firewood outside be sure it is not placed directly against the house where mice and termites can reach it and make their way into your home.

Need any help? Call House Doctors today. House Doctors is the trusted handyman service for all of your home repair and home improvement needs.  Our handyman technicians possess years of experience and are highly skilled in a wide range of trades.  And when you hire House Doctors, you’ll have peace of mind that our employees are fully insured and every job that we perform is backed with a one-year labor guarantee.


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